This is the worst.

I should just stay away from women altogether. 
1-Girls don’t like me.
2-If they do for some reason it doesn’t work out at all and I end up screwed up.
3-Remember to not walk into things with my defenses down assuming things will go well.
4-4th year is not the time to be looking for someone. I’m already crazy stressed.
5-I wish I had someone to empty my thoughts onto. This is the first time I’ve felt like I need to speak to someone.


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Do I have to be dying for girls to notice me or something? Why am I so fucking Vanilla?

I am in asshole mode tonight </3

Be nice or get out of the way.


Because dancing baby Groot is cute

"I am Cute"


This must be on all dashboards!


This must be on all dashboards!


I don’t care how much a Dancing Baby Groot costs. I want one NOWWWWWWWWWWW! Full Veruca Salt mode LOL.

I am Groot.