I am in asshole mode tonight </3

Be nice or get out of the way.


Because dancing baby Groot is cute

"I am Cute"


This must be on all dashboards!


This must be on all dashboards!


I don’t care how much a Dancing Baby Groot costs. I want one NOWWWWWWWWWWW! Full Veruca Salt mode LOL.

I am Groot.

Moving Country FTW!!

I can’t wait to move. Sick of the small town mindset everyone has here and the general attitudes of everyone here. Only one or two more years now! Can’t wait :D

You know what I hate?

People who are two faced. Spent ages talking to a girl I used to know the other night at a party, added her on Facebook and sent a message. The message says “seen” and the friend request is unanswered. LOVELY.
I now remember why I hate people.
I’m gonna just adopt the mindset my friends have, fuck it all, fuck everyone, worry about me.
I spend way too much time caring about everyone else’s problems and trying to be nice. 

Could you fucking not?