Lent Positivity Diary #44

Jeez these things are really going on eh?

only 2 more left now I think. Lent ends on the 19th. I’m happy that I kept this up, even though a few times I had to write 3 or 4  at once to catch up on missed days!

Also how can you not be happy right now? It’s so sunny :)

Lent Positvity Diary #43

Today the game dev guys in my group are coming over to try and get the audio for our game sorted! If this gets done I get to go home for easter and to hang out with family and friends again. I need to get my car back from the shop too and get my fucking license sorted ASAP. That license will be mine this Summer no matter what. I’m due for my test rescheduling now soon too. Let’s not think about this now… making me nervous haha.

So yeah tl;dr today I’m happy work might be out of the way.

Lent Positivity Diary #42


I can’t WAIT to get home for the Summer now. Work experience is over, I’ve only 2 days of college in May presenting for my fyp; as soon as that’s over I’ll be off recording stuff and driving out to the lake swimming with my friends. It’s been weird being in near total isolation this semester so I can’t wait to get home to the sun and my friends. Who knows, might even take my skateboard up to the skate park again :3

Summer is making me super happy now.

Lent Positivity Diary #41

First time I’ve been excited about Pokémon in ages. Playing a hack called Pokémon Omicron. So sick. If you play Pokémon at all play this. I’ve put tonnes of time into it already but it’s so worth it. Interesting, adult, not broken, with some really really cool features! This is what I’m happy about today. 

Lent Positivity Diary #40

I’m happy that I’ve got my own idea for a game now. I’m beginning thinking about and listing mechanics and such now because I have some game development guys seemingly on board to make it with me over the Summer.  I don’t wanna spoil it now because it may or may not happen so once there are more details I’ll post em here for the zero people that read this blog </3


TBFP Souls F’arts 

For the night is dark and full of best friends

Lent Positivity Diary #39

I’m sorry that I’ve had to catch up on a few of these at once, I’ve been both forgetful and a little busy lately :P

Today I’m happy that the meeting in Dublin with the game developer went well. We got some useful help and some further insight into how games are made and what to do with ours.

Lent Positivity Diary #38

I’m thankful that people enjoy my music. I like it when total strangers tell me they like the music I write, makes me feel like I’m not as bad as I believe I am :)

Lent Positivity Diary #37

I’m happy I’ve been chatting with the people I’ve been chatting to lately, guys and girls it’s good to know you have people who want to talk to you and be around you :)

Lent Positivity Diary #36

I’m happy I put my piercings back in, feels like I’m being myself again.