Moving Country FTW!!

I can’t wait to move. Sick of the small town mindset everyone has here and the general attitudes of everyone here. Only one or two more years now! Can’t wait :D

You know what I hate?

People who are two faced. Spent ages talking to a girl I used to know the other night at a party, added her on Facebook and sent a message. The message says “seen” and the friend request is unanswered. LOVELY.
I now remember why I hate people.
I’m gonna just adopt the mindset my friends have, fuck it all, fuck everyone, worry about me.
I spend way too much time caring about everyone else’s problems and trying to be nice. 

Could you fucking not?

Fuck People.

Some fucking people. Wasting time even thinking about them gets me angry right down to the pit of my stomach. I’m here being all positive and living happily and some holier than thou assholes just get into my head and fuck me up. Fuck people. Who needs em?

It’s fucking mind blowing how many people can’t grasp the concept of their, there, there, your and you’re. Do you even grammar?



Today I have myself a #haircut #hair #style and a #workout #lift #doyoueven #doyouevenlift .. #feelinggood now after a bad day yesterday so indulging with the #vanity picture.

Today I have myself a #haircut #hair #style and a #workout #lift #doyoueven #doyouevenlift .. #feelinggood now after a bad day yesterday so indulging with the #vanity picture.

Today is the day.

It looks like this is it. The end of another year of college. Moving home today will be so strange. Once I’m finally there it’ll be time to settle in and get a new plan put together… It’s weird how so much has changed since September, some of it good, some of it bad. It’s just nuts looking back now thinking about how I’ve spent three years here. It’s weirder thinking that for almost exactly two years of that time I was getting to know someone who ended up being very important in my life. It’s also strange to think that I’ve made it here. Average grades and no interest in school when I was there… yet, I still made it to college and have not failed any subject/exam once. Actually, I’ve managed to do better with each year that passes. I’m proud of what I’ve been doing here to an extent. I’m also worried (I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t worrying about something), I worry about next year being my final year and the amount of work I’ll need to do to come out on top, I worry about how in one year from now I’ll be leaving college for the last time, and of course then I think about life and death and then it all gets upsetting (don’t ever spend time thinking about death).

It’s been a year full of learning anyway. As with everything, there are changes I wish I could have made but, I think even in spite of what I wanted things are the way they should be for optimum results.  

Positivity is a new thing I’m working on, as well as being less of an asshole. When I say asshole I mean that to encapsulate everything from being too confident or cocky all the way to just being an absolute asshole.
I’m not too sure why I’m writing this. Maybe it’s for me to just think ‘out loud’. I don’t think anyone except like one, maybe two people read anything I write here and that’s because I know them. Yeah, I guess this is just me wasting time and thinking and stuff…

Oh well :)

TL;DR - I’m moving home for the summer, today.